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Couch Riffs

Mar 9, 2020

My guest on this episode of the Couch Riffs Podcast is Dave Hillis who transformed from 80s thrash guitarist to engineer and producer on recordings that you have most definitely heard. Albums like Pearl Jam's "Ten", Alice In Chains' "Dirt", Temple of the Dog and The Afghan Whigs' "1965".  His first band, Mace, had quite a reputation around the Northwest (and beyond!) in the 80s. You won't find it on streaming services but YouTube has some stuff that fans of thrash/crossover will certainly enjoy. In the 90s, after engineering some of the biggest albums of the decade, Dave started another band, Sybil Vane, that again made a splash beyond the Northwest landing a slot on the Empire Records Soundtrack album. Dave continues to write, record, produce and engineer in Pittsburgh PA these days. 

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