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Couch Riffs

Mar 16, 2020

Our guest for this episode of the Couch Riffs Podcast is none other than the publisher of The Fretboard Journal, Jason Verlinde. Now, this man is partially responsible for this podcast being what it is. He's given me tons of encouragement (not to mention inspiration) over the year that I've been doing this and actually suggested that I do it months before I finally dove in to give it a shot. And, I'm glad that I did because this is fun! Anyway, Jason throws down some fun and interesting stuff for me and I was so very happy to get to know him a bit better through this conversation. I hope you feel closer to both of us after listening to this, too! 

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Don't forget to be kind to each other right now. Things are super weird. Make sure you're okay but ask on folks that you know and you don't know. Help people. They need it and so do you. xo

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