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Couch Riffs

Feb 24, 2019

What can I say? John Roderick is like my brother, driving me crazy much of the time but I love him a lot. Like anyone close to John I've spent countless hours having discussions with him, like this one, late in to the night. Usually with some iHop pancakes and strawberry milkshakes..... We've been in two bands together. One as bandmates (Harvey Danger) and one with him as the leader (The Long Winters). I can tell you with confidence that I preferred to play with him as a peer, though. John, as he states himself, has a lot of "ideas". You can listen yourself to some of them in my upcoming Couch Riffs Podcast. Our conversation was a whopping 93 minutes long. Sheesh.  It has been something like 12 or 13 years since the last record was recorded by The Long Winters. I tracked some guitar (and bass that was unceremoniously recorded over after I quit mid-session) on that record and I think it is a really sweet collection of tunes. I would love so much for John to find the inspiration to commit himself to making the simplest and best record The Long Winters has ever created. Hell, maybe it is a solo record and not The Long Winters? What do I know? What I do know is that John, like tons and tons of musicians and other creatives, is full of self-censorship (except when it comes to talking, duh) based in undeserved doubt.  Roderick and I share a love of some, but not all, of the classic hard rock and metal bands. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and this band: Def Leppard. The thing that ALL of these bands have in common? Twin guitar attack and harmonies. We, unfortunately, didn't "completely" nail the harmonies here but I think that all in all we did okay considering that this is a first and only take, like all Couch Riffs episodes. But, what's more is this is a FIRST for Couch Riffs! John SINGS on this episode. And, I should say he did a great job.  Thank you for being game for this, John. You were and always are a great conversationalist, player, and friend (sometimes almost always). 

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