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Couch Riffs

Oct 24, 2022

Our guest this episode is Whitfield Crane, singer for Ugly Kid Joe who has recently released a new full-length album titled Rad Wings of Destiny. I met Ugly Kid Joe (and Whit) on tour 10 years ago and became fast friends with all of the members of the band. This friendship eventually led to me doing some touring with the band over the summer of 2022 and I will continue performing with them for some UK dates in November 2022. Rad Wings of Destiny is a well-rounded rock album with strong riffs, clever lyrics and great hooks! I recommend checking it out and do catch the band live if you're able. Whitfield is one of the most criminally under celebrated front persons in rock music and the band is running hot! I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. If you're enjoying Couch Riffs Podcast or you love our cover song performance videos please consider supporting us on Patreon! Your support is what makes Couch Riffs possible and as Patreon support grows our ability to produce more and higher quality content will increase. Thank you so much for the support.