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Couch Riffs

Apr 27, 2020

What can I say? Drummer Awareness Month is kicking ass even if it isn't a real thing. On this episode we have yet another amazing drummer in Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Barrett Martin Group, Tuatara, Walking Papers, Desert Sessions, and tons more. Barrett is a studied musician and educated in orchestral/classical, jazz, and ethnomusicology and is also well known for producing and performing on many albums as a drummer or percussionist. Don't let the fanciness fool you, though. He's a vicious rock drummer! He's published two books in the last handful of years, 2017's The Singing Earth and 2019's The Way of the Zen Cowboy.  If you're enjoying Couch Riffs Podcast and/or our video series please consider sponsoring the podcast at the link below of HERE. Your .99/month goes a long way to keep the podcast rolling along and improving. Thank you so much for listening and for the support!  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: