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Couch Riffs

Apr 3, 2019

On this episode of Couch Riffs Podcast I had the pleasure of hosting the guitar/bass team from Buckcherry, Stevie D, Kelly Lemieux, and Kevin Roentgen. We played Nights On Broadway by The Bee Gees and it was a gas! If you haven't seen it please go check it out on IG, YouTube, of Facebook. 

We cover a few things in this conversation including the new album, road rage, guitars, and the sexual power of Barry Gibb. Our performance and the conversation we recorded/filmed were bisected by some band business and a drive in my Jeep back and forth to The Chance where the band was playing this night in Poughkeepsie. So, we were only just getting back in to the groove when we had to call it and get back for the band to play their show. 

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