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Couch Riffs

Sep 13, 2021

Our guest this episode is Mark Watrous who is yet another Tri-Cities, WA musician to guest on Couch Riffs. Mark currently plays and tours in The Shins but has stayed busy with a number of awesome projects and gigs, including a touring stint with The Raconteurs, since his band Loudermilk was signed to American 20 years ago. Loudermilk's lone major-label release is slated to finally get the vinyl release it deserves via Latent Print Records and the band will be playing 3 shows to celebrate this pressing/release. September 30/Seattle WA, October 1/Spokane WA, and October 2/Richland WA. If this band exhibits even a spark of the fire from their youth when they perform you won't want to miss it. Thanks for watching and for supporting Couch Riffs on Patreon! Your support helps make these conversations and our cover song quarantine videos happen. I really appreciate it.